Still Wild Mind

The 5 Minute Breath

Free 10 day mini course for women with ADHD.

Learn to calm your emotions and begin find peace and stillness in your ADHD mind in just 5 minutes a day.

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath

Amit Ray

Slow down and find your breath

Just 5 minutes can make all the difference!

Still your Wild ADHD Mind with The 5 Minute Breath!

As a woman with ADHD, you’ll know all about how busy your mind can be.

There’s barely a moment of the day when there aren’t a hundred thoughts racing around in your mind. 

It can be hard to think clearly can’t it? Hard to make sense of what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling.

It’s no wonder overwhelm and emotional dysregulation are problems that so many of us with ADHD experience!

There’s so much happening in our minds, how on earth can we make sense of it all?

Find Stillness in the Wilds

Learning to slow down and connect with your breath is a powerful way to cut through the noise and the confusion in your mind.

Slowing the breath calms the nervous system, and calms the mind.

You don’t need to empty your mind (You have ADHD, that’s a REALLY tall order for you!)

You don’t need to sit for hours at a time.

You don’t need to chant Om, or sit in the lotus position (or even on the floor!)

​The 5 Minute Breath

This short course will help you develop a practice of carving out time for yourself, time to ground and centre yourself, and to relax your busy mind.

This quiet sitting practice is a powerful way to

  • relax your mind
  • learn to let go of anxious thoughts
  • create focus and clarity
  • release negativity and stress
  • practice self care even when you don’t have much time
  • begin or end your day with peace and calm in your mind
  • train your mind to let go of thoughts and stop rumination

In this free training, you will have a short video in which I guide you through the practice of just 5 minutes to focus on your breath. Just 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference to your sense of wellbeing, you will be surprised at the impact this 5 minute practice can have.

I will also send you daily emails to encourage, motivate and inspire you in your practice, and you will have a printable journal you can use for your reflections each day.

Register below for access to this free 10 day training, I look forward to joining you on this journey.


Thank you, Esther, for that beautiful breathing session. I love how simple and doable yet super effective what you teach is. It allowed me to feel very supported and connected with Gaia. My body and mind feel totally relaxed, at ease and clear so I can actually focus on what I am creating right now instead of distracting mind chatter or overwhelm.

- Claudia Sasse

Breathing Spaces

Esther is a yoga teacher and wellbeing practitioner dedicated to helping others with personal and professional growth. Her relentless commitment to personal development is evident throughout her practice.
Simply put, Esther helps people get out of their own way and see possibility in the midst of difficulty. She is a shining example of a practitioner whose commitment to their personal progress feeds into their support of others.
- Casey Bee


Esther is an amazing woman that through the art of yoga changes lives. Having been through her own tribulations she is able to relate to those going through difficulties and offers an alternative way of dealing with issues they face. Esther probably doesn’t realise the powerful woman she is and how her outlook influences others to believe in something better.
Esther is someone to be admired who is an example of human strength over adversity. Anyone that Esther has contact with would be blessed with a positive experience she is a calming presence in a hectic world. The encouragement she provides makes a difference to people’s lives and the world is a better place with Esther in it.
- Natasha Foster

PSCO, South Wales police

About me

My name is Esther Nagle. I am a sober, tattooed, single mother rock chick Yoga teacher with ADHD. 

My life changed completely when I learned to breathe properly, and was able to find stillness in my wild mind. Learning to breathe gave me the space and peace to allow me to embrace and enjoy sobriety after 20 years of chaotic addiction, and is the anchor that keeps me steady during challenging times now (and there have been MANY of those in the last 6 years since I stopped drinking!)

Being diagnosed with ADHD at 46 made my whole life make sense. The forgetfulness, the scatty mind, the wild emotions, the restlessness, low self esteem, sense that I didn’t quite fit into the world, recklessness and so much more. After years of thinking I didn’t fit anywhere, I was relieved to find I fitted perfectly into the diagnostic criteria for ADHD!

Learning to live with it was something of a challenge! I am still learning, and still discovering things about myself every day. It’s a wild ride to be sure!

But that anchor, my breath, keeps me together even when it feels like I am spinning out of control.

When life is overwhelming, as it often is, especially in 2020, I return to my breath, to that place of peace and (relative) stillness, and I find calm.

esther nagle sitting quietly under a tree in Westonbirt arboretum

Still Mind

My mind may never become completely empty and totally still, but through regular practice, I have learned to find enough calm and stillness that I can calm my emotions, and follow my thoughts where they need to go.

Esther nagle on the beach at southerndown in Wales after diving in the sea

Still Wild

This peace and calm I have found through my breath has allowed me to learn to accept myself exactly as I am, to embrace the parts of me I used to think were flawed, and to feel the wilds of my emotions and process them in a healthy way.

I love to help women just like you to learn to use these tools to find peace, calm and self acceptance, to still their wild minds, and learn who they are beneath the noise.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you!