Chaos to Calm for Emotional Regulation for Women with ADHD


Life with ADHD is something of an emotional minefield, isn’t it?

Do you feel overwhelmed by life and struggle to find space to think about your next step?

Do you find yourself getting caught up in endless cycles of negative thinking, with the same thoughts repeated over and over again?

Do you find yourself reacting instinctively to problems in ways that you later regret?

Do you find it hard to relax and quieten down the noise in your head so you can relax and get some sleep?

You are NOT alone!

The DSM might not recognise the impact of our emotional challenges as part of ADHD, but as a woman with ADHD, you know all about emotional dysregulation!

ADHD means that you feel your emotions in glorious technicolour. You get wildly excited about things that make you happy, but you can also feel the lows so much more as well. Because ADHD means that you can hyperfocus, when something makes you feel bad, you can hyperfocus the shit out of that, and make yourself feel a million times worse in a matter of minutes!

Throw Rejection Sensitivity, not enough sleep, hormones and the stresses of life in the modern world into the mix, and it is no wonder that us women with ADHD struggle with our emotions!

Emotional dysregulation can take a toll on all areas of your life. Relationships, jobs, finances, parenthood, education can all be impacted by your struggles to manage your emotions. You might even be self-soothing
using less than helpful tools, such as alcohol and drugs, to manage your feelings. I did this for 20 years. It didn’t help.

The emotional challenges create more stress, which enhances those challenges, impacts how well you can sleep and so on. It’s a cruel cycle that can feel impossible to break out of.

But you can break out of it. And I can help you find tools to empower you to do that.

A simple, effective way to do this is through good breathing. The breath and emotions are intricately linked.

When you learn to breathe fully, and consciously, you take control of your emotional response to the world.

Taking control of your breath, and learning to breathe deeply and consciously can help to
● reduce stress
● increase relaxation
● improve sleep and reduce insomnia
● improve overall health and wellbeing
● empower you to find better responses during challenging

Learning to breathe well is a way of taking back your power.

When you take control of your breath, you take control of your emotions.

When you take control of your emotions, you find your inner warrior!

I can help with this. In one hour, I can teach you some simple but powerful breathing practices that will increase your lung capacity and help you make good breathing a part of your daily life.

I will help you find time and space in your life to make simple breath practices a part of your day for maximum benefit.

You will receive a journal to record your thoughts and experiences, and encouragement and support via email.

The session costs £99, and could be the start of your whole new relationship with your emotions!

Who am I to share this?

I have been a Yoga teacher since September 2014, and have been practising Yoga since 2007. I am not what you might expect a Yoga teacher to be! A tattooed, sweary, hyperactive rock chick with ADHD, I practise Yoga
because I NEED it.

I didn’t realise I had ADHD until I was 45. I was diagnosed at 46. I was, up until that point, the poster girl for undiagnosed ADHD.

Alcohol addiction, drug abuse, mental health problems, at least 15 different addresses, and probably as many jobs, failed relationships, lost friendships, a reputation for losing and breaking things, being late, scatty and prone to changing passions with the wind.

My self-esteem was virtually non-existent, and my emotional life was turbulent. I could get wildly excited like a child at Christmas, or get lost in the swamps of misery, with no way to calm down either the highs or lows.

Yoga teacher training, and in particular, learning to breathe transformed my life. It gave me a way to get sober and quit smoking, and powerful tools of stress release, self-discovery, self-healing, and self-acceptance.

I use the same tools now to manage my ADHD, and marvel at how far I have come in my ability to regulate my emotions, despite the ADHD.

Learning to breathe and soothe my emotions transformed my life. I am forever grateful that I learned to breathe, and that I have these tools I want to share with you!

How much could your life improve if you could gain mastery over your ADHD emotions, and stop allowing them to control you?

Book your session today, and see how much your life can change when you learn to breathe better!

** Please note – the practices I will share with you will give you some relief during our session, but will be most effective if you make them a regular practice in your life.