TL:DR because you have ADHD and I write WAY too much!

You are awesome but your mind is a whirl of emotions and thoughts, your body wired and unable to relax. Yoga can help you to slow your mind down and relax your body so that you can truly channel your awesome and be the brilliant star you are meant to be in this world

Do you know how amazing you are? Seriously, you are a spark of awesome, and I don’t think you can see it. It’s not surprising really. Your whole life, you’ve probably been told that you do life wrong. you’re too much, too noisy, too talkative, too erratic, too forgetful, too ditzy, too disorganised, too weird, too messy, too much too much. It sometimes feels like everyone else in the world has got life figured out, but there you are, getting it all wrong.

I know. I spent more than 40 years assuming that I was just some sort of failure as a human being, that there was something fundamentally wrong with me that meant I just didn’t function the way I was meant to… defective human being, can I get a refund please?

This is what living with ADHD in this world feels like. But there isn’t anything wrong with you. Your brain doesn’t operate the way that other people’s brains do, and it can feel like an uphill struggle sometimes. We live in a society built for non ADHD brains, that’s for sure.

But your ADHD is what makes you brilliant. You are a star shaped peg in a world of square holes. When you can can tap into those amazing parts of you, you can shine bright like the star you are, and dazzle the world with who you are.

I know you might not be able to see it. When all you can see is the struggles you face in life, it is almost impossible to see how you can be brilliant. But trust me, it’s there. I know, even if you don’t.

The key to this is learning to find stillness and calm within your busy brain. The ADHD isn’t really inclined to stillness and calm. Even when you’re sitting on your sofa ostensibly doing nothing the chances are your mind is busy. When you’re able to find that still space within, where you can actually hear and filter those thoughts that are crowding your mind, calm the emotional storms raging within and hear the voice of wisdom that is inside you, you can find clarity, peace and focus. There you can make sense of your ideas, your insights and your creativity. There you can see your strengths. There you can find your awesome.

And I can help with this, Yoga can help with this. Yoga is a system that was designed to do exactly this. Yoga, so the ancient texts tell us “is the cessation of the whirlpools of the subconscious mind”. It can bring peace and stillness to the mind and body, relax and strengthen your physical and mental being, and recognise, respond to and soothe your emotional life.

Yoga offers many tools that can be invaluable to the ADHD brain, it isn’t just about giving you a flexible body – this is a side benefit, not the goal. The goal is peace of mind and self awareness. When you have that, with the wonderfully fast, super connective brain you have, with your skills, strengths and super powers, you can step into your true potential and really shine bright in your world!

I know that Yoga is a powerful tool to help with ADHD because I too am a star shaped peg – my name even means star! Yoga has been a crucial part of my discovery of my potential for awesomeness, and I know it will help you as well.